Twitter and Facebook are a ‘fashion’ and ‘don’t feel right’

I found this while performing my research on the impact of social media in the wine industry, click on the following link: and look at the Facebook and Twitter icon on the bottom right-hand side.  Notice anything strange?


If you place your cursor over the icons you can read the comments as to why Felton Road Winery is NOT using social media.

(Below is the comment:  “After a lot of thought we have decided not to use Facebook or Twitter.  We like longer conversations and for them to be personal not public.  If we did, it would be because it is a fashion and not because our heart is in it and that doesn’t feel right.  So, please email, or much better, come and see us”

Wow, that is a powerful comment, don’t you think?  Do you think they are setting themselves up for failure by not using social media?  Or better yet, identifying it as a ‘fashion’ that ‘doesn’t feel right’?

I wonder if they will ever change their minds down the road and if they do, they will need to be honest in communicating why they’ve decided to use these channels – after all, they did comment on why they weren’t using Facebook and Twitter.



2 thoughts on “Twitter and Facebook are a ‘fashion’ and ‘don’t feel right’

  1. Wow, I have never seen that before. I am going to play devils advocate here. I do not think they are setting themselves up for failure because they are right in a sense, Twitter and Facebook are the current social media fashion. Think about Myspace or another popular social media outlet that was huge, and now is laughed upon. It is quite possible that these specific outlets are just a fashion and will be replaced by better, and more innovative social media. Facebook is far less popular then it was a year or two ago. I don’t know if that is because of their privacy issues that people have or them owning your content, but whatever it is I don’t see people on it as much as they used to be. In fact I see it like I see Myspace. A channel updated by my Twitter posts. Personally, I do not think Twitter is going anywhere, I think it is ingenious and innovative, and they nailed it. If they don’t succumb to “new version” after “new version” of things that the users don’t want. Facebook does not listen to their users. A lot of people have issues with Facebook new “timeline” and being forced to use this has been a turn off for may users.

    I think it is better for them to make that statement, then to have people trying to find them on twitter or Facebook. Like we are learning in our class, not everyone is cut out for social media and the unique way of writing that it commands.

    It will definitely be interesting to see if they end up using those tools in the future. Who knows maybe in the next year people will be making fun of anyone who still has links to those channels? The best thing about the internet and the technology is it is changing everyday and you never know when the next “Twitter” or “Facebook” may be developed.

    I also wonder on the other spectrum of things if they could get in trouble for altering the logos of Twitter and Facebook publicly, are there any such rules. Probably not, but that is what I love and hate about the internet.

    Sorry, that was a supporting post response in itself.

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