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I chose to do my Social Media Profile Assignment on an organization that I hold close to my heart – Wellspring Niagara.  Having played the role of a caregiver and seeing many of my friends and their families struggle with the emotional effects of cancer, I am a firm believer that Wellspring plays an integral role in helping its communities cope with cancer.

Part 2 of my Social Media Profile Assignment as referenced from Part 1

Wellspring Niagara’s social media profile provides an avenue to promote their events, information about its services and news about cancer.  With a staff of three, Wellspring Niagara has a dedicated staff member to manage the accounts, but that is not their primary responsibility.  Wellspring Niagara’s website has a ‘Social Media’ page that explains what information is shared on their social media platforms, providing people with additional insights into the organization.

With its modest volume of followers, Wellspring Niagara has over 400 ‘friends’ that joined its Facebook page and the Wellspring Niagara Cancer Support Centre ‘group’.  They also provide content to the Wellspring Cancer Support Network Facebook site (its Toronto affiliate) where applicable.  On average, there are 3 to 4 posts per month however there doesn’t appear to have many comments from its followers.

Its Twitter presence began in January of this year and has ‘tweets’ from the corporate brand with an average of about four ‘tweets’ per month, and as of the 18th of May, reached 100 followers (congratulations @WellspringNiaga!).  These ‘tweets’ include ‘@mentions’ of other companies that have supported their endeavours, thanking them for various sponsorships and donations.

Their YouTube videos (‘Wellspring Cancer’s Channel’) include professionally taped stories from its members and public service announcements about Wellspring’s support services.

(Click on the image below to view the videos)

The Power of a ‘Thank you’

Throughout Wellspring Niagara’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, you get a strong feeling of how much they appreciate the support from volunteers, organizations and the community.  They recognize that a strong support system will help them achieve their fundraising goals, promote their services, and ultimately enhance the lives of people coping with cancer.

Engaging the People

Wellspring Niagara’s social media platforms are mostly used for push communications around their events with limited engagement from the people.

The Competition

Other non-profit cancer related organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society could pose as a potential threat to Wellspring Niagara’s social media presence. The Canadian Cancer Society’s Facebook page includes information and education about cancer research with a large volume of over 34,000 ‘followers’ and comments from its ‘followers’.


Providing tips on coping with cancer, news on cancer research, recipes for nutrition and how members can take care of themselves while going through treatment could increase their followers and be a good use of Wellspring Niagara’s social media platform – ultimately complementing its bricks and mortar facilities.

With limited resources of a small non-profit organization that has a large volume of members to support, Wellspring Niagara might benefit in developing a social media strategy to build awareness and promote its programs and services.



3 thoughts on “Social Media Profile

  1. I noticed while reading a lot of the posts from our class that companies for the most part, have really missed the mark on twitter. They don’t seem to understand the concept and how to use it effectively, it is all one was communication, which actually makes their reputation worse because it seems as they do not care to spend the time to engage, which is what social media is really all about. Great posts.

  2. YouTube is a great platform for Wellspring to share stories and is a good way to engage people, by having that emotional connection. Sounds like they have lots of opportunities to grow with their social media use – great that they’re getting into Twitter too!

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